Grass roots feminist campaigning with UK Feminista

I recently spoke at the first ever UK Feminista Summer School in London. UK Feminista is a feminist campaigning organisation which aims to act as a link between ordinary women who are interested in feminist campaigning and the many different excellent campaigns and organisations already out there.
I was asked to give a presentation on how campaigners can influence politicians, but with only twenty minutes to make my case I had to be very specific! I talked primarily about working with MPs and how to identify those that may be broadly supportive of your issues. I have offered to run a broader and in-depth workshop-style session, which is something Principle has done for clients in the past. 
If the attendance at the Summer School is anything to go by, then UK Feminista is doing very well at reaching out to new activists. The event was fully booked and got some terrific media coverage: both Kira Cochrane and Bidisha wrote about it in The Guardian and the Today Programme featured the event on its programme the day before. The vast majority of people there were enthusiastic but inexperienced campaigners – I found this really exciting and a great privilege to speak to so many eager activists.  Kat Banyard and the rest of UK Feminsta had done a brilliant job in appealing to this group, and it made me think that a lot of campaigns could learn from this model:  not only reaching out to grass-roots supporters but also continuing to support them in their campaigning actions. 
(Find out more about our charity training sessions.)

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