We offer bespoke services covering policy, public affairs and campaigns.  Our team has the skills and expertise to lead projects and campaigns, cover senior roles or conduct team reviews.  We can make sure your issues get heard by the right people and have an excellent track record in supporting charities to achieve policy change.  Choose from the following service links to find out more, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Public Affairs Strategy and Support

Principle has a long track record of supporting clients to achieve policy change through public affairs work.

Combined Policy and Public Affairs Support

We’ll provide strategic support on how to best integrate policy and public affairs to ensure your organization achieves its goals and providing ongoing policy and public affairs advice and support.

Campaign Management and Strategy

We’ll build strategies that get your voice heard by the right people. From media relations to organising public demonstrations, our charity campaign management is our most complete service.

Policy development

Often the key to winning a political argument and campaign is clearly presented, powerful research and evidence. We can help you consolidate the evidence available and develop robust policy positions, goals and strategies to take your organisation forward.

Charity training

Principle provides tailored training programmes for charities, NGOs and other socially driven organisations, covering parliamentary procedures, lobbying strategies and wider campaign management.

Political monitoring

We’ll monitor political changes and policies which could affect your organisation – then help you react effectively.

Need help in an area of charity advocacy not listed above? Get in touch to see how we could get involved.