What our clients say about us

“Working with Principle has enabled us to completely change our public affairs and policy work at Jo’s. Their unique approach means that instead of feeling like we are working with an agency, we have in fact gained a new member of our team who has enabled us to build our skills internally at the same time as increasing our engagement with policy makers and government across the UK.”

IMG_8155Head of communications, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

“The consultant from Principle who came in to help us was very knowledgeable about our work and the issues we focus on, immediately understood what we needed, and not only hit the ground running, but felt like a member of the team from the first day.”

IMG_8155Policy Director, The Children’s Society

“Principle Consulting have bought extensive research and public affairs expertise to the Patient Information Forum’s work on integrating the provision of health information into the delivery of care. From day one, the consultants have felt like members of our team, getting up to speed with the topic area quickly, and driving the project forwards. We really appreciate their committed, proactive and flexible approach.”

IMG_8155Joint Head of Operations, Patient Information Forum

“Principle Consulting’s work on our Publish What You Pay campaign has been of the highest standard of verve, integrity and tactical adroitness whilst always keeping their client fully informed and in the loop. It has led to a clear change in the government’s position on the issue against much better funded opposition by clearly out-campaigning and out-influencing them.”

IMG_8155Campaigns Director, Global Witness

“Principle Consulting moved Depaul from a standing start to making a tangible policy impact quickly and effectively. Our consultant supported Depaul staff to develop a primary research project that launched in Parliament with the Minister addressing the great and the good from our sector. The research was quickly translated into internal policy and practice tools to help front line staff improve their practice. I would unreservedly recommend the work of Principle and my only concern is that now they have proved the case for policy work and we have hired a full time staff member, with their help, that we won’t get the chance to work with them quite as much.”

IMG_8155Chief Executive, Depaul UK

“As a result of receiving campaigning training from Principle, we now have much more confidence in our ability to campaign and deliver tangible results for the people we serve. The Principle consultant was very thorough, had an excellent grasp of the issues involved in campaigning, and could draw on a breadth of experience to illustrate the points being discussed. The training was tailored to our needs and we would recommend it to any organisation looking to expand their campaigning knowledge or capacity. It was perfect!”

Office of a Welsh Assembly Member
“Our Principle Consultant has done a fantastic job in the past few months of supporting Missing People’s policy and campaigns work at a very busy time for the charity. Her knowledge of the missing issue and related issues, together with her great insights and thoughtful, flexible approach meant she was able to add significant value to our work, and got stuck straight in. She worked on a variety of projects during her time, from our Manifesto on Missing People, to our work on vulnerable 16 and 17 year olds. I would not hesitate to recommend Principle Consulting to another charity looking for advice and input on policy and campaigning work.”

IMG_8155Director of Policy, Research and Development, Missing People

“An informative and thought-provoking session which opened up new avenues of exploration for the organisation. We were impressed with the research Principle had done and how tailored the session was. Highly recommended.”

Director, Peacemakers

“Principle helped bridge the gap in our advocacy work at a time of much change within the organisation. The flexibility of using a consultant was much appreciated during an unpredictable time. Without Principle’s help we wouldn’t have been able to keep up the momentum and it felt like they were part of the team from day one.”

IMG_8155Head of Advocacy, Refugee Council

“I had reservations about using consultants to handle our public affairs, but Principle are different. From the start they really understood what we needed and what we as an organisation are all about. I see them more as our first rate in-house public affairs and policy department rather than as outside consultants.”

IMG_8155Chief Executive, The Hepatitis C Trust

“Principle were responsive to our needs and extremely flexible. They brought sensible advice on communications and good support to the development of our strategic communications planning. In particular their advice and support in developing our new website was invaluable. They were always ready to assist and when it came to tight deadlines, stayed with the team in the office until the job was done.”

IMG_8155Chief Executive, Lumos

“The Principle consultant assumed a major role in the campaign from day one and worked hard to make it a success. They were just what we needed and were a pleasure to work with.”

Policy and Research Director, Landmine Action