IMG_8155How we provide ongoing policy and public affairs support

Principle have been working with The Hepatitis C Trust since 2007. Initially the Trust needed advice in providing secretariat support to the newly formed All Party Parliamentary Group for Hepatology (now the APPG on Liver Health) and establishing a public affairs function within the charity to promote their issues in Parliament. Nearly ten years later we are still working with the Trust and acting as their in-house policy and public affairs department, as well as overseeing specific policy related projects as and when it is needed.


Our approach

Over the years the work has grown to include representing the Trust at stakeholder meetings, report writing, providing ad-hoc media support, organising events, and representing the Trust at meetings with MPs and Peers.

We also now coordinate HCV Action – the voice of the hepatitis professional community, on behalf of the Trust, as well as providing support for the Scottish office of the Trust in lobbying the Scottish Parliament.

The charity has grown significantly in the time we have worked there, and as such the work has changed considerably. It’s no exaggeration to say that we are an integrated part of the team and have been there longer than many members of permanent staff. We hope to continue this working relationship for many years.