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We love to work with organisations to understand what changes to policy and legislation would make the most difference to your beneficiaries and drive meaningful improvements to their lives.

Policy development: Our in depth understanding of the UK policy environment across sectors means we are adept at working with you whatever stage you’re at on your policy development journey. A few of the areas we cover include: working with you to understand and obtain what additional research or service insights are needed, analysing the external policy, legislative and commissioning environments in your sector to develop the most effective policy solutions and developing effective messaging rooted in evidence to help you make the strongest case.

Policy influencing strategies: We take a Theory of Change approach to policy influencing strategy, looking at the ultimate outcomes aimed for by your organisation, policy strategy or individual campaign, analysing the entire picture from where you want to be all the way back to where you are now.  We take a holistic view of the strategy needed to achieve your goals, and pull together the right mix of our policy development, public affairs advocacy and awareness raising campaigns skillsets and expertise needed to get you there. By considering all aspects (including what we need from trusted partners like our external media relations adviser), we ensure the approach agreed is cohesive, strategic, and aligned with your long-term objectives – bringing your key stakeholders along with us. 

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Principle Consulting (trading name) is the same company as Principle Affairs Ltd, company number 05467588 (full details available on Companies House).

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