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Conducting research and publishing policy reports are a crucial way for charities to identify and communicate solutions to the challenges they exist to solve. A clear, hard-hitting report can also be an important public affairs tool, providing a focal point for debates and other parliamentary activity, events and meetings with decision-makers. 

What do research and reports allow us to achieve?

  1. Identify the real needs and perspectives of your charity’s beneficiaries and ensure their voice is at the heart of your work
  2. Develop the right solutions to the issues your charity focuses on by engaging with expert opinion, insights and research
  3. Communicate clearly and concisely to politicians and other key decision-makers your charity’s solutions 
  4. Provide an opportunity for media coverage and parliamentary attention.

We support charities with research and report development on a scale that meets your needs. Our team are on hand to help you with anything from developing a short report, briefing or manifesto to coordinating a full-scale inquiry.

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Solution examples

Full-scale inquiry

Bringing together a panel of expert Commission members or working with an existing All-Party Parliamentary Group, we can organise every step of an inquiry, including developing a call for written evidence, organising oral evidence sessions, analysing the evidence received and developing a hard-hitting report.

Research project and report

Is there a specific issue relevant to your charity’s work that you’d like to explore and bring attention to? We can support you with research, including conducting interviews and focus groups, coordinating surveys of supporters/beneficiaries and reviewing and synthesising existing literature, with the findings and recommendations then outlined in a compelling policy report.

Short report, briefing or manifesto

Already got an array of relevant research and clear on your policy asks? We can support you to bring it together in a concise report, briefing or pre-election ‘manifesto’. We work with you to assess the existing material you hold, identify any gaps and present it in a clear and attention-grabbing way.

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