We build capacity within charities to enable them to raise the profile of their issues in parliament and government and achieve positive policy change. To do this we arrange tailored training sessions to meet the specific needs of the charity we are working with.


Our approach

For example, we facilitated a pro-bono ‘introduction to policy and public affairs’ session for the West Midlands charity Peacemakers. They support the introduction of restorative approaches for schools, providing training and support to schools in the region to help build classroom relationships and develop children’s skills in conflict resolution and peer mediation. They would like their experiences and successful approach to be woven into national education policy.

We designed an engaging programme for an afternoon session for key staff and trustees of the charity. The aim of this session was to consider what their policy goals were and how they could make progress towards achieving them, for example by collecting robust evidence, identifying parliamentary champions, working with respected education think-tanks and engaging with relevant departmental working groups and officials.

We introduced them to key areas of the education parliamentary landscape to enable the group to identify opportunities for engagement and to consider the current language of government and potential synergies with their work.

“An informative and thought-provoking session which opened up new avenues of exploration for the organisation. We were impressed with the research Principle had done and how tailored the session was. Highly recommended.”Director, Peacemakers