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Charities have valuable insights and solutions to offer to policymakers but, without a great deal of prior experience in public affairs work, it can be difficult to know how to most effectively engage. As experts in the UK’s parliaments and how to engage with them, we offer training, mentoring and capacity-building that will provide you with the tools you need to undertake public affairs work with confidence. 

What will training and capacity-building help you to better understand?

  1. How the UK’s parliaments work and the most effective parliamentary levers for change. 
  2. How to identify the right stakeholders to engage with. 
  3. The best way to frame your policy positions and solutions to capture the attention of decision-makers.
  4. How to develop and implement an effective parliamentary influencing strategy. 

Through the right training, mentoring and capacity-building package, we can help you to understand how best to approach public affairs work, now and in the future. 

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Training and workshops

Whether as a series or a one-off session, we can provide you with engaging and informative training on:

* Parliamentary procedures and processes
* Current parliamentarians and how to identify which you should be engaging with
* The different layers of government and what each is responsible for
* How to develop messages and content that will engage your political targets
* How to create and then deliver a parliamentary influencing strategy.

Capacity-building and mentoring

Is there an individual or team within your charity who would like to engage in public affairs work but would benefit from guidance and support on how best to do so? Our capacity-building and mentoring support can provide them with this backing. We will meet regularly with the individual or team - and be on hand throughout the week via email - to build knowledge, provide strategic advice and answer questions as they arise.

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We Belong

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