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Each year, we welcome students who are learning English as a second language to Principle Consulting for work experience. These two blogs were completed by our recent students, Luwam and Abubaker, reflecting on current political issues that are important to them.  

‘People are like plants’ by Abubaker 

My name is Abubakar, I am 18 years old and a current student at Uxbridge College. I am not a man whose interest lies in politics, however I want to contribute to important issues that affect people. 

I grew up in an environment with consistent discrimination. Everyone spoke the same language, ate the same food, however, there was immense discrimination amongst us. No one explained why this was. After all, we live in a world where we can all be happy, share, and peace can reign. 

Why discrimination occurs? 

I believe this occurs because a government is not willing to create change. They do not have the plans that can support the livelihood of the nation and they do not implement strong policies to make the world fair. The government has a duty to offer a fair life. But if someone lives in poverty, they can still be left abandoned without any support. Everyone is equal, therefore why does race, class, tribe, gender matter? Equality is important, men and women are all the same.  

How do we solve these problems? 

It is possible for positive change to happen. I hope that the government will create a plan that will benefit the current generation and the rest to come. The government should talk with experts as well as take account of the views of those affected most.    

Invest in people 

Some politicians forget to invest in the nation. They forget the voice of the people. Some governments fail to provide what the people need. They are supposed to work with the people, hand in hand. In the UK, where I live now, I can say that it invests in its people.  

However, in Africa, there are many young people who can do wonders and have vast talents but cannot get support to enhance their skills further. The UK is very developed, and they can contribute their knowledge to underdeveloped countries. 

To conclude, my strong advice to any political leader is that what goes around comes around. People are like plants. If you give a plant the nutrients it needs, it grows beautifully. This applies to human beings too. Therefore, invest wisely in people. 

Complicated world’ by Luwam 

Before I came to the UK I didn’t realise how complicated the world had become. 

The power of the human species over the natural world is considerable. This is because our intelligence has allowed us to invest and develop tools and technology, giving us the power to destroy the Earth. 

Not only does this technology give us power over the world, but it changes our relationship to each other. We are even now looking at creating artificial intelligence which would do many jobs and roles humans had previously done. I don’t know what the consequences of this would be. Computers and robots may not get ill, hungry, bored, or tired, but you cannot get humanity from them. 

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