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In a world in need of more and more social change, charities are looking to grow, recruit, mobilise, and nurture their supporter base. Once upon a time knocking door-to-door and hitting busy city centres to get petition signatures was the norm, the pandemic acted as a ‘crisitunity’,  causing a noisy backdrop as every social issue was now up for discussion in a digital medium. Charities are vying for attention like never before – and attention is becoming a finite resource.

In order to capture a supporter base who become true advocates, digital campaigning must be part of your organisation’s strategy for change. When applied well with creative and inspirational storytelling, deployed multi-channel using various digital tools, you can truly inspire people to action and reach your goal with more ease, and that’s where we come in.

What does digital campaigning allow us to do?

  1. create a supporter base to mobilise at any point in time,
  2. foster a relationship with supporters,
  3. create a community centred by your cause,
  4. drive people to action,
  5. and make actions trackable.

We offer support with digital supporter actions that range from building a compelling narrative and story to simply refining pre-written messages for your supporters to send and collect consents to add supporters to your mailing list. We can help with identification of the right platform for you to use and provide critical support in building your supporter user-journey.  

Because your key messages always need to resonate with key audiences, once we identify those, our suggested solutions are the ones best suited to building a digital presence and community that is rooted in trust – genuinely moving people to action, building brand awareness and reach, and successfully raising your profile.

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Solution examples

End-to-end campaign management

From narrative development to monthly analysis, tracking, and reporting.

Narrative and strategic ideation

Pitch ideas for a campaign for your organisation supplemented with a user-journey for your in-house team to pull together

Run social media for a campaign period

Sometimes you just need a focussed and concerted effort for your social media whilst running a campaign we can build content, schedule it and manage that for you.

Takeover your CEO’s social media to build their personal brand online

Sometimes your Chief Exec will be a key person for your campaigning efforts and having them active on social media will ensure media are more likely to say ‘yes’ and are also proactively approaching you. We work with CEOs holistically ensuring that their social media is a true reflection of them, their work, and position them as thought-leaders.

Consultation / mentorship support for a digital campaign professional in your team

We know it can get difficult to see things afresh when you’ve been campaigning for a while, this allows you to benefit from the expertise and variation of thought in our agency – sparking a new sense of direction with full "know-how".

Supporter journey mapping

Help to identify a path for your supporters to take online that’s best suited for that supporter in reaching the key target/s.
Supporter: who are the people that need to take action?
Target: Who or what is the target that will help get us to the desired change?

Graphic design of assets / reports / content

Need to make that report look slightly more fun to read? We can help! Need a digital toolkit, to have your supporters show they’re advocates? We can help with that too!

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